Ongoing projects..

Partnering with local NGOs in
Nourishing, Livelihood, Community
Empowerment & Enabling Learning
Environment in School

Our NGO partners are CARE India &
VRTI for Kutch Region

Supporting Rural Families in India: Improving Primary Education &
Increasing Income
Opportunities for Farmers in Gujarat, India
CARE and Cargill launched a partnership in 2006 to improve the quality
and accessibility of primary education in areas of Gujarat near Cargill
Five-year project, which was launched in September 2008,
9,000 households in 205 villages will gain opportunities to increase their
incomes and improve their business skills through training, market
access and support services, thereby bolstering their resilience to natural
disasters and market downturns.
Increased the Quality Education and accessibility of education for 43,518
children across the Kutch distric