Coffee Table Book and Audio- Visual Presentation on Kutch Industries Activities

·  The Kutch collector, under the guidance of government of Gujarat, took an initiative to appraise the world about present industrial benchmarks of the district and to also exhibit unexplored business opportunities in the district. The publication of the coffee table book and AV presentation is in conjunction with ensuing 7th Vibrant Summit,


     2015 activities. The Federation of Kutch Industries Associations (FOKIA) joined this initiative as a knowledge partner.

·  Through the coffee table book and AV presentation, an entrepreneur can get insights on the existing set up of various industries and its production outputs. The facts and figures will give a further assurance and help to tap the huge potential Kutch has to offer through its natural and artificial resources.

·  Kutch truly is land of opportunities and through these initiatives the Kutch Collectorate and FOKIA anticipate these opportunities be explored to its best capabilities by global entrepreneurs.

·  Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel has released the coffee table book and audio visual presentation on kutch industrial activities at her gandhinagar office on 05/01/2015